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Now, the 3G technology is all set to transform rural India completely.

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But would the rural population actually benefit from this? The best part about 3G is that it would solve a very basic problem — the problem of language barriers.And the best part is that they can do this on their cell phones, which again helps to overcome the problem of power cuts in villages.There are many other benefits of 3G in rural India which would help them to progress in various fields.Due to such carelessness, we see deaths every now and then.With 3G coming in, long distance real-time treatment would be possible and would thus benefit them greatly.With all these benefits, 3G seems to be a very promising technology.

After we are aware of all the benefits, what we need to look into is that, all these plans should not just stay on paper and should be implemented immediately.

For example, if we look at the health care system in rural India, it is pretty much in a mess.

Firstly, primary health care centres are not accessible to all villages, many people have to travel a lot to reach one and even when they reach there the centres are not properly equipped.

This would dramatically increase the literacy rate of India.

Also, we know there are not many banks operating in rural India, which creates a problem for the village dwellers as it is very difficult for them to manage their funds or get loans.

It might actually remove the middleman from the transaction process.