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Optimize online dating profile

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In fact, articles with relevant images receive a staggering 94% more views than those without.

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In her spare time she enjoys playing soccer, reading, discovering local sushi joints and spending time with her family. For women, the typical “My Space” photo featuring a pouty, flirty look to camera is hands-down the most effective. And while what constitutes a “visually appealing” photo can be a very subjective thing, strong photos normally feature interesting image composition, good lighting, uncluttered backdrops, and a subject that has been caught at just the right moment.Men, on the other hand, should look away from the camera and remember not to smile. For more information on how to step up your selfie game, read this article about how to photograph like a pro.Did you know that by inserting these words, you’re more likely to attract attention?These were the top 10 words that attracted the opposite of sex, according to data obtained by Wired Magazine!For both genders, the stomach was voted the most desirable physical attribute.

As the data was divided between lips and eyes, we’re going to guess that the face is still the most important physical attribute! Try downloading Instant Checkmate’s Playbook For Winning Love Online.

Again, think about the last time you visited a website and read content that was painfully cliche, awkwardly worded, or (gasp! In fact, a study at the University of Iowa showed that honest, sincere accounts are much more successful in terms of messages and dates than flashy (and let’s face it, probably hugely exaggerated) profiles. You’re bound to notice more conversions, er, connections, when you tell people what they should do next.

Here are some suggestions for improving your current description. Although the focus of this article is how to establish that initial connection online, we think it is also important to mention what you can do to improve your chances of connecting IRL (in real life). It sounds corny, I know, but I’m going to say it anyways.

Okay, this one seems like a no-brainer, but appealing visuals really are the center of any good advertising campaign.

Think about the last article that you clicked on: in addition to being relevant to you, we’re going to bet it boasted an attractive image thumbnail.

Although you may not have realized it, the profile you created back when you decided to try online dating is in fact an advertisement.